Delicious flying treats

I love the chase. At night when mamá and papá are going to bed I see moths flying against the windows and sometimes they even fly in through tiny holes in the fly nets. Then the fun begins. I let them know with my mighty meows and imitations of my death bite that they have reached the end of their life span. (I don’t know why the humans find my meows cute… hear the mighty ‘mee mee’ of death!)

Only sometimes they fly way too high and out of my reach. I get desperate and try to reach up even if it seems impossible. Cruel humans for not giving me a playground to hop onto on the walls and the ceiling.

However I caught a moth once. It was a delicious little protein treat.

I gifted mamá a ladybug as well since she seems a bad hunteress herself (or so I thought) but would you believe that she didn’t eat it?

But I was totally aghast by mamás unexpected prowess as a huntress a few days ago. Papá and I chased a wasp back and forth between us for ten minutes and at one point I almost had it. But then mamá came in and killed it with one slap of a paper roll. And then she gave it to me to eat. Yummy.

Yesterday I wasn’t so lucky. My prey was again a wasp but although it was dead when mamá gave it to me something pointy poked my lip and I mlemed a while to make my poor lip well again. That wasp didn’t want to be in my tummy even in death. Rats!


It started raining while I was on hoodwatch duty. My nice sunny spot on the balcony started getting rained on a few minutes ago and the sky turned dark.

Suddenly I saw blinding lights in the sky followed by loud crackling sounds. It was time to abandon watch then.

The humans closed all the windows and I had to investigate why there were drops of water running down. Did the sky cry? If I wouldn’t be so nervous right now, I’d try to make it better by singing to it.

I keep wanting to resume watch outside but it’s all puddles and the air smells all funny.

Strange place I’ve come to. Back home it was never raining that much and the thing where the sky is having loud belly aches is new to me as well.

Me and my fishing rod – A love story

I am a playful guy, gotta admit it. I love toys.

Within these two weeks I’ve been at my new home, I already received a few visitors. Or did they want to visit my humans? No can’t be. Everything was about me when I gave the first tiny meow. Everyone loves me.

There is an older woman who came by a few times already and she always brought me toys and treats. I love her. I’m gonna call her abuela cause she’s the mamá of my male human.

One of these toys is making me a little crazy, I admit it. It has balls in it and whenever I move them, they come back around and I can’t find out why they do that or how they come back. I keep checking the inside, but so far, no clue.

Abuela also brought me a ball where mamá keeps putting treats in and I chase it. That is really fun. And also really yummy.

But by far my favourite toy is my fishing rod. I could play with it for hours. If mamá would just have enough energy for it.

Once I woke up and tapped into the living room really quietly, trying to surprise her with bringing the fishing rod but she would not get up to play with me. She said: “Now is not the time to play.” It was 5:15 AM.

But most of the time when I want to play, she indulges me.

Sometimes I like to play by myself too. Then my feet or my tail attack me. That’s a game I learned from the dogs in the shelter. It looked fun, so I tried it and it turned out it is fun.

What I also like to do is cuddle myself into a ball and do rolls. Just yesterday, I managed four in a row.

But still, among my favourite games, the fishing rod is still the very best. I never get tired of it.

I ❤ my fishing rod

You can find this picture and more of me (and other uninteresting stuff) on my mamá’s Instagram page

Human litter box shenanigans

Let me tell you, I am pretty proud of my long and fancy whiskers. They’re mighty helpful for checking when I’m getting too close to furniture and need to adjust my jumps.

You will understand how shook I was when I followed my male human into the bathroom and that lunatic was cutting off his whiskers! Oh mighty alpha cat save me, I’ve come amongst some strange people!

How could he do that? His whiskers are already ridiculously short and he goes and hacks off even more. I cannot fathom it.

My mamá (don’t look at me funny, I’m Spanish, I get to love my female human like a mamá) does strange stuff in the human litter box room as well. She keeps poking at her eyes in the morning and evening.

I always jump into the sink with concern when she does that. Doesn’t it hurt?

Ah well, at least she can see me properly when she did that, otherwise she seems a little uncoordinated when I rub myself on her legs. Perhaps her eyes need a little rub to work again properly?

Sometimes she wears some contraption I like to play with when it’s not in her face. I think I’ve heard it called glasses. Perhaps this poking stuff in her eye replaces that thing? Further investigation needed to confirm that theory.

Anyway, I wish all my fellow miausters and woofsters a happy international homeless animals day and I hope you’re gonna be as lucky as I am to observe your stupid humans in your furrever home very soon. All my meows are with you today.

Strange green lights

There is another strange thing about my humans which I’m noticing at the moment.

All is dark in our home and they’re staring at the funny screen that talks in front of which they usually meditate or fall asleep. Or what’s it’s function?

But today, something is different. The light which comes out of the machine is all green and particularly the male human is getting really loud from time to time.

My female human got loud too once, shouting something about 11 people standing around and doing nothing and that made me nervous. Usually she never raises her voice so I came to her and made her ok again so she could stroke me. That always calms her down. She loves my purrs and tiny meows.

But this green light stuff keeps making my humans funny. They’re calling it football and it’s apparently very big in the human world.

They seem to be watching this a lot so I will be pretty busy making them normal again whenever I see the green light’s reflection.